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Heavy Duty Palletizers - Low Level

Palletizing is more affordable than ever with the efficient and all-electric E Series Floor Level Columbia Palletizers. The E Series palletizers cut valuable production time and costly labor expense by fully automating the end of your packaging line. And in the tradition of Columbia, all E Series palletizers feature a welded-frame and rugged construction to assure long-lasting operation and reliability.

Model FL200 Palletizer - Palletizes 20 or more cases per minute, depending on case size and pallet pattern. The palletizer is fully upgradeable to higher speeds, and modular design and floor level elevation makes it a convenient and efficient way to automate your palletizing line.

FL200 Palletizer
Model FL200 Palletizer

Model FL500 Palletizer - Palletizes 40 or more cases per minute. The most popular of the HD series palletizers, it has a dual-chain row forming and layer table that utilizes two separate drives to increase your speed. And this palletizer can be upgraded to even higher speeds.

FL500 Palletizer
Model FL500 Palletizer

Model FL510 Palletizer - Palletizes 50 or more cases per minute and is ideally suited for palletizing food, beverages, consumer products and more - this palletizer delivers tight, square, stable loads with no costly stops or delays.

FL510 Palletizer
Model FL510 Palletizer

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