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High Level Palletizers

Columbia's innovative HL series of palletizers are the most flexible high level palletizers in the industry. All of these modular machines are upgradeable to grow with your business, while versatile interfaces allow seamless integration with your production equipment.

Model HL2000 Palletizer - Palletizes 20 or more cases per minute. It provides a high-quality choice for budget-minded operations. Featuring a small footprint and soft product handling. It is excellent for multiple line layouts that require dedicated machines.

Model HL2000 Palletizer

Model HL4000 Palletizer - Palletizes 40 or more cases per minute. Because it is built completely modular, this rugged machine's speed can be upgraded to double your production capacity without losing your initial investment.

Model HL4000 Palletizer

Model HL6000 Palletizer - Palletizes 60 or more cases per minute, it's our most popular high level solution. Ideally suited for palletizing food, beverages, consumer products and more, it delivers tight, square, stable loads with no costly stops or delays.

Model HL6000 Palletizer

Model HL7000 Palletizer - Palletizes 70 or more cases per minute. It is an economical palletizing solution for plants that require medium-to-high speed palletizing of odd-shaped and/or delicate products, including food and beverages, paper, chemicals and more.
Model HL7000 Palletizer
Model HL8000 Palletizer - Palletizes 80 to 150 cases per minute. The unique palletizer forms layers using a continuous-motion flow divider for soft product handling. This special mainframe design makes it capable of building 135" high loads.
Model HL8000 Palletizer

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