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Load Transfer Station

Load Transfer Station allows loads to be transferred from one pallet type to another.

The load transfer station (LTS) is used to transfer a pallet load of product from one type of load base to another; such as a plastic pallet to a GMA pallet or slip sheet in less than 60 seconds. There are now hundreds of Load Transfer Station machines installed in a variety of industries including: food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, warehousing / distribution centers and many more.

Safer and faster than a Load Inverter or Pallet Inverter, the Columbia Load Transfer Station improves plant and process cleanliness and streamlines plant and warehouse operations. Optimize your facility's lift truck productivity, reduce labor, shipping and damaged product costs, AND prevent injuries with one of the following load transfer station models.

LT35 Pallet-to-Pallet Load Transfer - The LT35 is an economical alternative to load inverters; providing effective and simple transferring of product between pallet types. In addition this portable load transfer machine can operate at speeds up to five times faster than a traditional load inverter. Included with the LT35 is a stacker that holds up to 20 pallets, eliminating the need for manual pallet handling.


Basic Load Transfer Station - Operated by the fork lift driver, the Basic LTS can be accessed from two sides for loading, or three sides for unloading. The Load Transfer Station has a 20-pallet storage capacity, and can operate with a 220 or 440 Volt wiring connection.

Basic Load Transfer Station
Basic Load Station

Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser - The LTS with Pallet Dispenser automatically removes the original pallet, replacing it with an alternative pallet without the assistance of a forklift. Or this Load Transfer Station can be placed in manual mode, disengaging the pallet dispenser, to transfer the load onto a slip sheet.

Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser
Load Transfer Station w/
Pallet Dispenser

Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser and Output Conveyor - This Load Transfer Station model removes the original pallet, replaces it with an alternative pallet and conveys the load onto the Outbound Conveyor, quickly clearing the load transfer area so another load may be transferred. The Load Transfer with Pallet Dispenser and Output Conveyor can be designed for integration with existing out feeding conveyor or as a stand-alone system.

Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser and Output Conveyor
Load Transfer Station w/
Pallet Dispenser & Output Conveyor


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