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Low Profile Conveyor

Most Reliable Low Profile Conveyor in the Industry 5 Year Warranty

MODEL: 125 Series

  • Very low profile (1.89"), allowing these unique conveyors to be used in tight quarters where conventional conveyors will not fit
  • Belt widths of 2" to 24" are available
  • Lengths from 2 feet to 12 feet
  • Load carrying capacity of up to 450 pounds.
  • Lube for Life Bearings
  • A variety of options are available to make this conveyor fit any application including:
    • 100 different belt styles available to fit your application
    • Cleated belt conveyors. Magnetic conveyors. Stainless Steel conveyors

[125 Series Belt Conveyor with white MAA belt and 1' adjustable guides. Shown at tail end carrying two yellow boxes.]
Model: 125 Series

Low Profile Conveyor with Motorized
Head Pulley

Model: Innerdrive

  • The drive motor is inside the conveyor head pulley
  • InnerDrive Conveyors offer significant space savings over traditional conveyor drive packages
  • Low profile of only 2.54"
  • InnerDrive Conveyors can fit almost any application
  • Quiet, Efficient 24vdc Motor
    Located inside the drive pulley, maximum torque is provided by integrated internal gears for speeds up to 60 feet per minute and loads up to 100 lbs. Safe and Maintenance-Free
    This unique conveyor design frees you from lubricating bearings and gearboxes. The low-voltage motor protects workers from dangerous currents
Variable Speed Control Card
Easily integrates with automation systems for "run on demand" applications, using inhibit/run controls from devices such as timers and photo-eyes.



Model: Innerdrive
Model: Innerdrive

Elevation Changes for Tight Spaces

MODEL: 125Z Series

  • The 125Z Series line of angled frame conveyors from QC Industries feature the same low profile (1.89") of our popular 125 Series belt conveyors
  • A variety of angles and configurations make these conveyors ideal for applications that require elevation changes, including manufacturing plants, automation cells, packaging lines and metal stamping environments
  • Our unique Z-Track allows users to gain control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline. This component adjusts rapidly for belt installation and tracking adjustments then locks in the tracking setting to ensure long belt life
  • Lube for Life Bearings
  • Five standard conveyor configurations are available:
    • Z Conveyor: Horizontal to Incline or Decline to Horizontal
    • L Conveyor: Horizontal to Incline
    • R Conveyor: Incline to Horizontal
    • U Conveyor: Decline to Horizontal to incline
    • N Conveyor: Incline to Horizontal to Decline



[125Z Series Conveyor with 1' cleats and corrugated sidewall belt. Shown from side.]

Model: 125Z Series

Move Heavier Loads Longer Distances

MODEL: 250 Series
  • The 250 Series line of conveyors from QC Industries are able to move heavy loads - up to 630 lbs.
  • These conveyors are also available in longer lengths
  • They feature a unique drive that sits fully below the conveyor belt, making the belt the highest point on the conveyor
  • The 250 Series conveyor is well suited to applications that call for part overhang, as the drive is no longer an obstruction
  • Belt widths of 2" to 24" are available
  • Lengths from 4 feet to 28 feet
  • Lube for Life Bearings
  • Two options are available to make this conveyor fit any application:
    • Center drive
    • End drive
[250 Series Center Drive Conveyor with white MAA belt.]
Model: 250 Series


Precision Indexing for Robotic Applicaton

MODEL: 300 Series
  • Precision indexing tolerance to register a part to within �.015" without sensors
  • High speeds up to 2000 fpm with ramp up/down capacity
  • Custom molded cleats to integrate perfectly with your part or application
  • Cleats are high frequency welded to the belt
  • Positive, non-slip timing pulleys
  • Self-aligning drive bearings with seals
  • Bearings can be lubricated rapidly, without drive removal
  • Stepper motors and Servo drives are PLC programmable
  • Optional self-tracking V-guide is thermally welded to the carcass of the belt
  • Nylon coated belt carcass to reduce friction and minimize noise
  • Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor
  • Timing belts are steel or Kevlar reinforced to offer high load carrying capacities, reduce stretch and allow for precision cleat or profile placement
  • Low profile conveyor - only 3" high
  • Less than 5-minute belt change without removal of drive package or guide rails
  • Widths up to 18" and lengths up to 24' (Special widths and lengths available). Heavy duty load carrying capacities. High impact resistant single piece formed powder coated 10 gauge steel frame
  • Wide variety of application specific belting
  • Wide variety of Sides, Guides, Mounts, Stands, Drive Packages and Controls



[300 Series Indexing Conveyor with green kevlar belt and servo motor. Shown from side at drive end.]
Model: 300 Series


Move Heavier Loads Longer Distance

MODEL: 400 Series
  • Widths up to 60" and lengths up to 100'
  • Low profile conveyor - only 3" high
  • Tight belt-to-frame width ratio (Belt width 0.72" less than frame width)
  • High speeds up to 2000 fpm
  • Self aligning drive bearings with seals
  • Bearings can be lubricated rapidly without drive removal
  • Optional self-tracking V-guide is thermally welded to the carcass of the belt
  • Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor
  • Quick belt change without removal of drive package or guide rails
  • Heavy duty load carrying capacities
  • High impact resistant single piece formed powder coated 10-gauge steel frame
  • Wide variety of application specific belting
  • 400 Series Heavy Duty Conveyors are available in Corrosion Resistant, Cleated Belt and Magnetic styles



Model: 400 Series
Model: 400 Series

Model: Flextrac

  • LOW PROFILE - only 3.03" high
  • Industry standard 1" PITCH BELTS
  • More than 100 belt styles available to fit any application
  • HIGH SPEEDS - up to 375 fpm
  • HEAVY LOADS - up to 500 lbs.
  • Lengths up to 30'. Self Tracking
  • Wear Strips and Center Support for INCREASED BELT LIFE and ULTRA QUIET OPERATION
  • Lube for Life bearings for increased bering life and REDUCED MAINTENANCE
[Flextrac plastic chain belt conveyor with white polypropylene flush grid belt. Shown at tail end.]
Model: Flextrac


Lube for Life Bearings

Reduce Maintenance, Increase Bearing Life.

The unique Lube-For-Life Bearing from QC Industries promises reduced conveyor maintenance and increased bearing life. Our new greaseless design eliminates the need to periodically lubricate the bearings and protects them from contamination with a permanently applied Micro-Poly Lubricant specially designed to meet the needs of our conveyors.

Lube-For-Life Bearings are available on QC Industries 125 Series, 125Z Series and 250 Series conveyors. They are also available as a retrofit kit for existing conveyors (contact Customer Service for ordering information).


    • Long-term cost savings through reduced conveyor maintenance - no additional maintenance or lubrication is required during the life of the bearing
    • Extended bearing life due to reduced contamination - solid lubricant seals out dust and dirt
    • Lubrication extends to every bearing surface, even those in hard-to-reach places
    • Cleaner operation - there is no leaking grease or oil
    • Approved for Food Grade Use
    • As standard, our new Micro-Poly Lubricant is approved by the USDA and FDA for H-1 food processing applications, where there may be incidental contact between food and the bearing. These bearings contain corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and an EP (extreme pressure) additive.
    • QC Industries -� Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

We are proud to stand behind the conveyors we build for five years. This warranty - the best in the industry - demonstrates our committment to quality in every product we sell.
Our conveyors are designed to withstand the demands placed on them in modern industrial applications with no maintenance. Each conveyor is rigorously tested before leaving our factory to ensure quality.



[125 Series drive assembly shown with straight knurl. Tracking adjustments can be seen at conveyor attachment point.]

Lube for Life Bearings

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