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Material Handling

Free-Standing Custom Mezzanines


Free-Standing Custom Mezzanines
For applications that either require custom fitting to specific shape, size or height requirements or mezzanines that require longer spans while retaining a load rating of up to 150 pounds per square foot. Structural steel components are used, and a variety of deck options are available such as Penco Channel Lock Safety Grating, bar grating, 1-1/2" B-Deck with plywood and diamond plate.

Modular Offices

Modular Offices

We'll tailor a system to meet your specific needs, designing versatile space solutions beyond the traditional "beige box" that may come to mind when you think of a modular inplant office.

Inplant Offices offers much more than just a beige box, with application capabilities ranging from small, single-level modular offices, to multi-level complexes, fully integrated mezzanine systems, and irregular shaped wall systems. We offer a nearly unlimited choice of sizes, colors, configurations, and special options without jeopardizing our customers' tight budgets and delivery schedules.

Modular offices are great for many applications such as:

Inplant Offices

Equipment Enclosures


Storage Platforms  

Security Stations

Locker Rooms

Conference Rooms


Toll Units 

Stairways & Landings


Attendant Booths

Paint Enclosures 

Controlled Access 

Paint Enclosures


Computer Stations

Reception Areas    



Pallet Tacks - Structural & Roll Formed

Pallet Racks - Structural & Roll Formed

UNARCO was the first pallet rack manufacturer in the industry. With fifty years in production, engineering and design, no one offers more experience i how to increase efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers. From standard pallet rack to complex, engineered systems and modules, UNARCO offers customers the ONE-ON-ONE attention they deserve. Attentiveness to detail, assurance of timely delivery dates and keeping the customer informed has helped form a long list of loyal customers and a vast distributor network.

Flexibility not found in other large pallet racking manufacturers stems from the ability to produce an entire line of warehouse storage solutions including Carton Flow, Pallet Flow, Push Back and Drive-In/Drive-Thru.

Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow

The UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack system is driven by gravity. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward for picking. The high-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles. Pallet Flow can send pallets through standard pallet rack or to Carton Flow Systems consisting of multi-level picking modules to split loads into boxes or piece parts. Warehouse floor space utilization can be maximized with fewer aisles by storing pallets back to back. Unlike in static systems such as Drive-In racking, product flows back to a picking position and is easily accessible to the operator.

Smooth rolling metal skate wheels on sturdy rails come preassembled so that installation only requires dropping them into bays and securing with a tek screw.

Carton Flow

Carton Flow

UNARCO offers a variety of Carton Flow systems for every size warehouse and every price range. All systems are gravity-driven and perfect for applications with numerous SKUs. Stock presents on a First-In/First-Out basis, which ensures inventory rotation. Separating the loading aisle from the retrieval aisle allows pickers to operate more efficiently. Carton Flow, with its tilted shelves which improve visibility and order accuracy, is the perfect answer for split case or piece picking. Other options, such as impact decks and intermediate supports, can help guard against warehouse abuse and prolong system longevity. Carton Flow can be integrated with conveyors and other storage solutions to create functional pick modules and warehouse product picking efficiency.



Open & Closed Type Shelving
Open type shelving is the basic and most economical shelving design for general purpose use. Backs and sides are open, except that sections are stabilized by sway braces.

For convenient ordering, 36 different open configurations of 87" high Basic Units are available with their respective End Kits. The units utilize Heavy Duty Hi-Performance Shelves with box posts at front and offset angle posts at rear. Label holders are not included.

The standard stock color for Clipper shelving is 028 Gray. Many other configurations can be designed from the various sized component parts and accessories.

Flowcell Modular FIFO Systems

Flowcell Modular FIFO Systems

Flow Cells are complete track & rack units for manufacturing and assembly offering a modular approach to building your own workstation. The "mix & match" components make it easy to create ergonomic stations ideal for picking, assembly or line side storage. Posts & beams create the Flow Cell structure. One worker with one tool completes the set-up. No-nonsense design for quick assembly.


Vertical. 4 (minimum) per cell. Punched 1" o.c. Available 3 ft - 7 ft in 6" increments. Posts ship with foot plate. Locking casters (optional) are 4" diameter - rigid or swivel.
Horizontal. Front, back & side beams are interchangeable. Available 1 ft - 6 ft in
6" increments. Beams ship with end plates ready to bolt to posts.
Full-width roller flow track drops into cell structure. All Span-Track
models are easy to insert or reposition within Flow Cell. Different track models can be intermixed in a single cell.
Galvanized steel workbench. Available 12" or 18" deep. Sized to match cell width.
Add-On Pick Tray:
Angles product 30� toward picker to maximize view and access. Available 12"
or 15" deep. Sized to match cell width.
Overhead Tool Bar:
Roll formed strut channel. Attach tools, lighting and accessories. Sized to match cell width.


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