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Material Handling Engineering Services

At Applied Handling Systems we assist you in finding ways to reduce your operating costs through innovative material handling solutions. In the planning phase we become an integral member of your team. We help to establish your goals and assist you in finding the most cost effective way to reach them.

Project Analysis:
Our engineering staff has many years of experience in conducting field-engineering analysis to help specify the optimum system to meet your strategic business goals. Careful research and data gathering are significant steps in the design process to determine the best material handling solution for your facility.

Facility Layout and Design:
We understand that an important part of communicating project information is with drawings. In most applications we provide drawings with your proposal. Once an order is placed, approval drawings are generated to specify the details of the project for your review and acceptance.

Ergonomic Considerations:
Safety and efficiency are the two most important factors in ergonomics to consider when designing your facility layout. The easier a job is to do, the more efficient a worker will be at his/her job thus increasing productivity for your organization.

Equipment Selection & Integration Design:
We work closely with your team and promote a high level of participation in the design process. We work with your operations department to see that the system is user friendly and efficient. At the same time, we work with your maintenance department to see that common components are used as much as possible in the system equipment selection so their spare parts inventory has the lowest cost burden on their budget. We work closely with management to see they have the necessary software and production data to manage the operation for maximum efficiency.

Controls Design & Engineering:
Once all the equipment is selected and approved, we write a sequence of operation to put into words the operational functionality of your system. This way, non-technical team members can better understand the system design. We utilize open, non-proprietary programs and components. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable system designs, which minimizes the initial investment, maximizes uptime, and allows the flexibility for upgrades and support.

Project Management & Implementation:

Once all the technical pieces of the puzzle are decided upon, we work with your team to implement the plan. This will involve our crews working in and around your active and operating facility. We communicate with your project team, in advance, our execution strategy. Your department heads will be able to independently evaluate any departmental impact and communicate what works best for them during the implementation phase. We understand that you have a business to run, that we are your guests, and we want to have the least amount of impact on your business as possible.

Proper mechanical and electrical installation is vital for your material handling equipment and we take no short cuts in this area. Our field- engineers coordinate the schedule and manage the installation crews for your material handling projects to best minimize your downtime. We do it right the first time!

Startup & Commissioning:
Since our systems are designed and implemented by a very close net group of engineers, startup and commissioning is what they should be-- a time for tuning and adjustments. We are known for hitting our design targets correctly the first time and being on budget without change orders. Call our customers and see for yourself.

System Acceptance & Signoff:

Once all the adjustments are made, the system goes live and we run-in the system with your products and make any additional adjustments. Our team will stay on site until you are fully satisfied with the systems performance.

Closeout Documentation:
AHS provides your company with system support documentation for all mechanical equipment and controls equipment for your project. We provide both hard and soft copy documentation of your operations manuals, bills of materials and drawings for your completed material handling system.

Support Services:
After the system is commissioned and the operation is running smoothly, AHS can arrange for 24 hour mechanical and electrical support to allow you to sleep well knowing you are still in good hands.

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