Pre-engineered gravity type conveyors to complete turnkey automated production lines.



Applied Handling Systems, Inc. has proven experience in a variety of conveying solutions. AHS will work with you to design a conveyor system that meets your specific need. AHS offers conveyor systems ranging from pre-engineered gravity type conveyors to complete turnkey automated production lines.

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Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyors move products without power. Many styles and options are available providing efficient and low cost material handling solutions.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors transport product by means of product placed on a moving belt. Available in both slider bed and roller bed configurations. A variety of belts may be used to accommodate the product conveyed and the environmental conditions.

Belt Driven Live Roller

Live roller conveyors provide an inexpensive, simple, quiet, method of transporting product on conveyor rollers. These conveyors are ideally suited for side loading, unloading or temporary accumulation. Tread roller drive pressure can be adjusted in seconds allowing you the ability to fine tune your conveying needs.

Zero Pressure Accumulation-“Smart Zone” Conveyors

Zero pressure accumulation conveyors are designed to separate and hold product until a specified condition is met and then release product forward. These conveyors are ideally suited for product singulation and accumulation where line pressure build up is not allowed.

Line Shaft Conveyors

Line shaft driven conveyors have gained widespread usage with their unique design allowing curves, spurs and a variety of modules to be driven by a single drive. This economical conveyor is good for general transportation and is capable of accumulating light loads with minimum back-pressur

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are specifically designed to transport heavy loads using a positive roll-to-roll chain drive. This conveyor is ideally suited for conveying loads in the presence of oil and other such contaminates.

D.C. Powered Roller

The Powered Roller Accumulator conveyor has revolutionized the automated conveyor industry. Motorized rollers drive the conveyors eliminating the need for drive belts, chains or line shafts.

Plastic Belt Conveyors

Plastic belt conveyors provide a large array of solutions for material conveyance. Belt tracking issues are eliminated. Belt selection provides solutions in packing, testing, inspecting, accumulating, centering, turning, inclining and heavy unit load transportation.

Table Top Chain Conveyors

Plastic chain conveyors are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. These conveyors are common products used to serve the USDA, FDA, meat, bakery products, food handling, pharmaceuticals and small parts markets. Plastic belts provide solutions for high or low temperatures, impact resistance, moisture, oil, chemical, cut and wear resistance applications.

Low Profile Conveyors

Low profile conveyors (1.89″) are unique conveyors used in tight quarters where conventional conveyors will not fit. A variety of configurations are available making these conveyors ideal for applications that require unique elevation changes, precision indexing and accumlation. This popular conveyor is commonly used in manufacturing plants, automation cells, packaging lines and metal stamping environments.

Vertical Conveyors

These units are available in reciprocating and continuous vertical configurations. Excellent for raising and lowering product when space is limited and inline belt conveyors are not an option.

Pallet Handling Conveyors

Unitized loads and pallet handling is performed using a combination conveyor products. These products include chain driven live roller, chain drag conveyors, plastic belt conveyors, chain transfers and transfer cars. These conveyors are excellent products for moving products to and from stretch wrappers and palletizing cells.

Over & Under Conveyors

These conveyors are commonly used to supply parts to production and assembly lines. Full pallets of product index forward and are presented to the operator. The empty pallets are evacuated out of the work cell in the opposite direction. This product provides product storage and buffer on the while keeping the operator to task.

Overhead Trolley Conveyors

Overhead trolley conveyors are available in enclosed track, I beam and power & free configurations. Used in manufacturing and material handling applications for transporting loads virtually any route without taking up valuable floor space. Capable of starting, stopping, switching, accumulating, regulating, lowering or lifting the carrier at any designated point along the system.